My parents baptized me with the name of Cristina, and my last names are Castillo Rodríguez. The name Cristina means “The woman who follows Christ” or “The anointed by God.” When I travelled to India for the first time at the age of 22 years old, I decided to change my name because every day, when saying my name, people used to ask me about Christ, Jesus and Christianity. This is how my first Hatha Yoga teacher baptized me as Shanti, to later receive the surnames of Deva Kaur from my Kundalini Yoga teacher. The name of Shanti Deva Kaur mixes two sacred languages ​​which are Sanskrit and Gurmukhi giving rise to this name which means “Guardian Princess of Inner Peace”.

At the early age of 8 I discovered what was encouraging my soul, after witnessing a situation of social discrimination. So I decreed that when I grew up I would spend my time helping people who go through difficult situations: social exclusion, injustice or suffering. And so this decree came true. Over time I discovered that I really cannot help anyone, but I can accompany those who wish to transform themselves on the path of change. I studied Social Work and in the first year of my university career I had my first contact with meditation in a Vipassana retreat, in this way I discovered a vocation that has also marked my life: the spiritual path.

Accompaniment to people who go through difficult situations in life and spiritual work have marked and mark today my career. Dreamer and lover of life to its fullness, brave and seeker, I began to travel and explore, being able to work in youth exchanges in Morocco, with refugees in camps in Bosnia, with women from shanty towns in Spain, with environmental volunteers from all over the world in Iceland, with children living on the streets in India, with homeless people in Ireland, and finally with people at the end of their lives in Spain. I have always complemented my social work trajectory with study and spiritual practices such as meditation, yoga, healing, life regressions, shamanism and compassion training. And I am always excited for sharing

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“Spiritual evolution is my passion and path, I have been able to experience positive change in myself and in many people who decide to live in harmony, which is the reason why I continue to co-create so that we can all find our own path to happiness and mental peace “. Shanti.


Instructor in Training in the Cultivation of Compassion and trained in Contemplative Accompaniment in Death, by Nirakara Mindfulness Institute.

Facilitator of regressions of life and healing through the traditional method of Tibetan medicine. Kundalini Yoga teacher, meditation coach, facilitator of reconnection meetings and retreats.

Master in Coaching for Motivation and Social Change. Diploma in Social Work, specialized in Prevention and Intervention of Homeless Persons, Addiction and Mental Health. With long experience since 2006 in the design, implementation and execution of social intervention and community development projects in Spain and Asia.

Since February 2015, she focuses most of her work on accompanying people facing advanced and end-of-life disease and their families, in Seville, Spain.

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Descalzos al Bosque means Barefoot in the Forest which is the union of souls´ result, the fusion between the feminine and the masculine and the alliance between the earth and the sky.

In this fusion, Shanti contributes with the spiritual work through Yogic, Tibetan and Vedic practices, and Ivan contributes to the transformation work through the practices that connects with nature.

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