Our Experience in Nepal

Nepal earthquake made me integrate impermanence and death in my life, it gave me back my vocation to help others, it made it easier for me to experience compassion in my guts, it gave me the need to be close of my family and it marked my present and future, my new life mission in life.

Alter the earthquake, a great call in my heart told me that I had to stay there, and help where I could. So I did it, for 7 months with the support of my new brothers and the donors who supported our project, we created “Empower Nepal Youth” to accompany young Nepalese who had lost their homes or family.

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We rebuilt schools, designed training programs and created new jobs. We also accompanied in the healing and overcoming of trauma, by the hand of great teachers such as Indra Guru and Jack Makani. After returning to Spain, we have continued to collaborate with Nepal every year through the creation of “Shanti´s Collection”

Through this project we help several Nepalese families with the sale of their artisan/handcraft  products and we collaborate with “Hugging Nepal” to continue with the reconstruction of schools in Nepal.


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About us

Descalzos al Bosque means Barefoot in the Forest which is the union of souls´ result, the fusion between the feminine and the masculine and the alliance between the earth and the sky.

In this fusion, Shanti contributes with the spiritual work through Yogic, Tibetan and Vedic practices, and Ivan contributes to the transformation work through the practices that connects with nature.

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