Observer by nature, above all it is what I know, and what has conditioned my way of being, my concerns and dedications since childhood. Observe, feel and think about everything that surrounds me or appears in some way before me. Nature lover. Without a doubt, the main object of my observations is Nature, it is what attracts me the most since I have knowledge and memory, always with a look, a mixture of love and curiosity.

As part of Nature, another focus of my attention is people´s behaviour, societies and the human group of which I am a part of. This illusion to feel the natural has led me to make my way walking on that terrain where you can smell the soil and the leaf of the tree, rooting in the rural environment. Participating from a young age in the fight for its conservation, ploughing the soil, and getting back the land´s fruit and vegetables, guiding in nature and environmentally educating.

Teacher of nothing and apprentice of many things, that makes me keep constant the illusion of the apprentice; But being able to get that ace out of the deck that experience gives, to be able to share and transmit, very sure that education and transmission of knowledge are the key to achieving a healthy society. Defender of purity, of simplicity, of essence. I believe in childhood as a source of purity and innocence, as the principle of an evolved society. Barefoot, almost naked, as Antonio Machado would say, stripped of professional, academic, material attire … free of egos, like the children of the forest, wanting to share what they transmitted to me, the knowledge that helps us to know ourselves, to be freer.


“Education is the best tool for preserving our environment, starting with ourselves, because it is always good to re-educate or at least review knowledge and transmit the importance of simple things to understand complex problems”


Naturalist, from a very young age participating in nature conservation groups and in multiple environmental protection campaigns.

Environmental educator, with long experience in the design, coordination and execution of educational programs for the conservation of the environment for youth and adults.

Nature Guide, with special interest in the interpretation of the environment. Specialized in Ornithology, Forest Baths and Protected Spaces.

Farmer. Defender of the traditional and organic farming system, with experience in permaculture and the design of orchards and gardens.

Naturopath, passionate about the study of plants including their medicinal uses.

Currently he coordinates a local volunteer program for the conservation of the Rivers of Andalusia, he is a founding member of the Platform for the Defense of the Sierra de Esparteros, and of the conservation association GAIA-Ecologistas en Acción.

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Descalzos al Bosque means Barefoot in the Forest which is the union of souls´ result, the fusion between the feminine and the masculine and the alliance between the earth and the sky.

In this fusion, Shanti contributes with the spiritual work through Yogic, Tibetan and Vedic practices, and Ivan contributes to the transformation work through the practices that connects with nature.

descalzos al bosque

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