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Forest Batch is about being one with Mother Nature, it is about reaching some place in Nature where harmony and balance are breathed, it is about merging into the forest and become one more element of it. It is about walking, stopping, breathing, touching, listening… IT’S ABOUT BEING.

It is about letting the drops of a small leaf penetrating our body and being so aware that we can listen them falling from one leaf to another; it is about feeling a slight chill; it is about feeling nature entering our souls, feeling the many colours of the flowers impregnating ourselves with their fragrance.

It is about receiving the rays of sunshine that penetrate through the trees´ branches; integrating the gentle breeze that whispers through our path, listening to the sound of invisible birds, and seeing the images of silence.

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It’s about escaping, even for a moment, from the crowd, leaving the routine aside in order to reconnect with the nature that´s also within us. Our Nature can help us finding a balance and healing different disorders and stress.

Forest Baths can also help us dealing with common pathologies that we may experience in modern life. A lifestyle that´s based on maximum productivity, competitiveness and consumption being detached from Mother Nature.

Who can benefit from Forest Baths?

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Anyone can participate in the practice of a forest bath. However, it is especially indicated for all those, regardless of age, who suffer both physical and mental health issues, especially alterations caused by a prolonged state of stress.

Enjoying a Forest Baths with our team from work or with our family members, for example, helps us to experience new sensations together, to release tension, to let ourselves flow, therefore, creating a unified community as a group

Forest Baths are normally carried out, with a maximum of 10 people. A Normal practice lasts around 4 hours, they can be longer or shorter, depending on the group’s needs.

We can organize one day session or several scheduled sessions over a period of time. Forest Baths can be also be the main activity of a full weekend retreat.

The importance of having a guide

The forest bath´s guide develops the task to facilitate the encounter with people that participate and the elements of the Forest. The guide presents these pure elements, without burdens or egos. They participants will be accompanied to open themselves to the experience with all their senses, letting them become one with Mother Nature.  

Anyone can enjoy of the benefits from the forest by integrating into it naturally and independently. All of us have experienced the well-being that comes from going to the country side, being in contact with Nature or walking through a place full of trees, flowers, etc. But the forest bath goes further than that. Going into the forest with an experienced guide will multiply the positive effects and the intensity of the practice.

Descalzos al Bosque´s team have a long experience in the knowledge of the history, needs, language and codes of each tree, plant and animal that live in the Forest. That way we make possible an intimate connection between the participants and the medicine of each item found.

The next step

The next step would be the connection with the trees, life teachers. We connect with their positive charge, their vitality and strength, with their energy channel that goes through earth, air and sky. This connection will guide us to our own self, without burdens.

The next thing would be a reconnection with Mother Nature, reconnection with where we come from and where we will return.

SHINRIN-YOKU is the given name for Forest Baths in Japan.

This is how this activity is called in Japanese. The term was officially coined in 1982 and refers to the idea of ‘soaking in the forest atmosphere' and its relationship to improved health and wellbeing.
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Forest baths in Japan and Korea

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It is in Japan where most studies have been carried out to analyse the benefits from Forest Bath. Thanks to them this practice is increasingly recognized and valued. Many studies are proving the positive benefits for the health of those who practice it. Forest Bath has even been recognized by Japan´s health system since the 90s, as a healthy habit, prescribed by doctors for the improvement of health and the prevention of many pathologies.

Japan has spent decades investing in research to strengthen this practice in a society with a very high index of stress and associated pathologies, while protecting and promoting the conservation and growth of its forest area.

Other countries, such as South Korea, have followed in their footsteps and many around the world are also conducting research on its numerous benefits while gaining adherents to the practice.

In any Forest Bath practice we will experience the joy of being surrounded by trees respectfully without any garments, giving in ourselves to them with all our senses awakened, receptive and activated, letting us flow through an exchange of energy that will free us from our negative charges, thoughts. We will walk barefoot on its roots, we will intertwine with them under its branches, we will feel part of the plant and we will be one more element of the environment.

We will undertake conscious walks, of peace and tranquillity without any rush, where exercises and sensory activities are accommodated along the path. We will develop walks full of nuances, of heterogeneous lines, while we are heading towards the end of the journey which is to transform our mental and physiological state, a positive renewal.

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About us

Descalzos al Bosque means Barefoot in the Forest which is the union of souls´ result, the fusion between the feminine and the masculine and the alliance between the earth and the sky.

In this fusion, Shanti contributes with the spiritual work through Yogic, Tibetan and Vedic practices, and Ivan contributes to the transformation work through the practices that connects with nature.

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