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In the 1960s, there was a clear concern about the environmental problems derived from industrialization and those caused as a consequence of the great wars suffered in the middle of the century, one of the most serious issues was the introduction of products, large-scale synthetic chemicals in agriculture and livestock worldwide. The first ecologist and pacifist organizations and groups were born, becoming a whole social movement, which understood the conservation of our planet inherent in the existence of the fundamental rights of all the people of the planet within a means of peaceful coexistence.

After more than 60 years of incessant struggle for the defense of Earth rights, time, which is the best of all judges, has given reason to the voices that have been asking for these essential rights to be respected and kept alive. Most of the claims and proposals were urgently needed to stop the environmental and human deterioration that we are experiencing today; they were born out of the real need to protect and prevent globally and locally. 





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Although all that collective effort for the defense of our planet, has not been able to stop the environmental and human deterioration as a result of the consumerist system implemented globally, I wonder: What would have been  or would be  of this planet without the permanent presence of these groups of opposition, which altruistically, carry out vigilance at all times and continue to stand up to the greatest powers that run the world economy and therefore the globalized society in which we live? I think the disaster would have been of gigantic magnitude, and possibly it would have happened already, years or decades ago.


I have been involved since the early 90’s in eco-social movements, I have been more focused on the work of environmental education, guide to Nature and the conservation of the Territory and agroecologism since the year 2000. After all that has been done, I would assure that the best instrument to transform our society is the environmental education. That way, we can return to what we were and where we came from, which is none other than Mother Nature.


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Descalzos al Bosque means Barefoot in the Forest which is the union of souls´ result, the fusion between the feminine and the masculine and the alliance between the earth and the sky. 

In this fusion, Shanti contributes with the spiritual work through Yogic, Tibetan and Vedic practices, and Ivan contributes to the transformation work through the practices that connects with nature.

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